What our employees say

"The good salary is the biggest advantage."

Gabriela Leśniak | 24 years
Foreman & administrative employee
Vereijken Nurseries | Someren


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"I work as a foreman at tomato nursery Vereijken. My tasks consist of directing and guiding my colleagues. I am also jointly responsible for planning and do minor administrative work."

"I came to the Netherlands 4 years ago. At first I worked through another agency, but I wanted to live in a house owned by the employer. So I started working at Z.O.N."

"I think the good salary is the biggest advantage of working at Z.O.N. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to grow or receive training. I followed the Dutch course that Z.O.N. organized. I think learning Dutch is important: in my current position I can use my knowledge of the Dutch language.




"Everything is right."

Elwira Papierski-Zembrzuska | 31 years
Harvest worker
Mushroom nursery Nieuwenhoven-Steyvers BV | Ospel


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"I came to the Netherlands 10 years ago and have been working in the mushroom world for so long."

"I live permanently in the Netherlands and have my own house. I needed a steady job. This was not possible with other employment agencies. There I only got temporary contracts. But Z.O.N. has given me a permanent contract, which is very important in my situation."

"I am satisfied with Z.O.N. The permanent contract is a big advantage for me. The salary is always on time and the hours I have worked are correct. Everything is right."


"Housing is good."

Karolina Tomon | 26 years
Harvest worker
Tomato nursery Vivaio Peters | Someren

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"I mainly work as a harvest worker. Sometimes I also perform other activities such as truss pruning."

"Before I came to the Netherlands, I worked in a restaurant in Zakopanem in Poland. My brothers already worked in the Netherlands. They told me I can earn better here. I've been working here for four years now."

"It is nice to work at Z.O.N. The accommodation is good, the salary is on time, the hours I work are correct, the guidance is good. I earn well and have time for my hobby. I play football at SV Someren."

"If I can give Z.O.N. a tip, then I would say: try to match people who have to live under the same roof with each other as much as possible. For example, I live with my family."