Where do you end up when you work for Z.O.N.?

Z.O.N. employment services is a medium-sized employment agency for migrant workers and Dutch people who want to work in Dutch horticulture or agriculture.

1800 people from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and the Netherlands work through us at various agricultural companies. Why do they work for Z.O.N.?


Nice workplace

You will work at a nice agricultural company. Dutch horticulture and agriculture are leading in the world. It works well here.

We pay you on time

Your boss will keep track of your hours. He / she passes these hours on to us every week. We pay you every Friday. We are very precise about that. We do what we promise.

Paperwork well organized

We arrange the paperwork as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. Z.O.N. complies with all Dutch laws, rules and standards. This means, among other things, that we pay you on time and give you a decent place to live. We make clear agreements at the front. Everything is transparent with us.

Decent place to live

You work hard every day. So you get a decent place to live in a house. Not in a living unit or mobile home. We think it is important that you live well. So that you can relax every day.

Your own bicycle or car

Everyone prefers to go home immediately after work. We want to prevent you from having to wait at the end of your working day for colleagues who have not yet finished working. You will therefore have your own bicycle, electric bicycle or car at your disposal.

We speak your language

People who speak Polish, Russian, German or English work at our office. You can contact them with all your questions.