Frequently asked questions from entrepeneurs

For which customers does Z.O.N. work?

We work for agricultural entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Think of greenhouse horticulturists, open ground growers, mushroom growers, pig farmers, chicken farmers, cow farmers, tree nurseries, etc. Do they need people and do they want to relinquish all the hassle? Then they have come to the right place.

Do you only work with labor migrants or do you also employ Dutch people?

We also employ Dutch people. Think of part-timers, full-timers and students in all kinds of positions. But the vast majority of our workforce consists of labor migrants.

Can you find enough migrant workers to get the job done?

Yes, in general we can find the people. We have been around since 1996. Our international recruitment network is large and reliable. With us, good relationships go for quick profit. We know where to find the people and they know us.

It is often more difficult to get people to the Netherlands around Christmas and Easter. This is related to what they can earn and how many hours they can make (minimum 40).

Do you have enough accommodation?

Yes. The number of houses we manage is tailored to the demand of our customers. We look for houses when necessary.

How do you accommodate the labor migrants?

In houses. Not in containers or mobile homes. We see our people as people. We keep asking ourselves: would we want to live in this place ourselves? We are in favor of decent housing. It ensures more living comfort, less stress and a good night's sleep. Moreover, small-scale housing means more mutual social control, better manageability and better integration. And it prevents nuisance for the neighborhood.

How about transportation?

Our labor migrants are given cars and bicycles to get to their workplace. No vans. We want to prevent our people from having to wait in the canteen because a colleague has not yet finished at another address. Everyone likes to be able to go home straight away after a hard day's work.

Do you deliver motivated people?

We do our very best for that. We treat our people like people. For example, by giving them a nice place to live and their own transport and to pay them on time.

We notice that our people are more motivated when the information in the vacancy is clear in advance. That makes sense of course. If you think you are going to the Netherlands to pick apples and you discover here that you are going to cut cucumbers, it affects your motivation. We do our best to match everyone's expectations with reality.

Do you have people in the card catalog?

No. We search for the right people for the vacancies through our recruitment channels. We need some time to find these people. Consider a few days for simple work. For example picking tomatoes. We need a little more time for vacancies that require professional knowledge. Our labor migrants return to their home country when the season is over.

Z.O.N. employment services is a cooperative. Do you have to be a member to become a customer?

No, membership is not mandatory. Any agricultural entrepreneur may purchase our services.

How about certification?

We have three certifications: NEN 4400-1, Fair Produce and SNF. And we are affiliated with the NBBU.

  • NEN 4400-1 is a certification of the Labor Standards Foundation (SNA). This foundation checks us for correct payments to the tax authorities and payments to employees.
  • Fair Produce was set up by mushroom cultivation. This foundation also checks us for correct payments to the tax authorities and payments to employees.
  • SNF stands for Stichting Normering Flexwonen. This foundation checks whether our housing complies with Dutch rules.
  • The NBBU is one of two temporary employment unions in the Netherlands. This association represents our interests as a broadcaster. The NBBU is a partner in the CAO consultations.
How does it work if I have vacancies?
  • You communicate your vacancies to us. We ask for everything we need to create the right vacancies.
  • We post the vacancies in our international recruitment network.
  • Have we found the right people? Then the labor migrants travel to the Netherlands themselves. They get the correct address from us.
  • On the day of or after arrival, we register the migrant workers at our office. We provide the associated paperwork. Our contracts comply with all Dutch rules, laws and standards. The employees can already start the next working day.
  • All you have to do now is sign the order confirmation and submit the weekly hours.
  • We automatically collect invoices from your company account.

In short: we take all the hassle out of your hands.