What our customers say

“Z.O.N. is less expensive than regular employment agencies.”

Frans Raijmakers
Gebr. Raijmakers Nurseries

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“The short way between Z.O.N. and the gardeners is an advantage. Because Z.O.N. is a temporary employment cooperative, its own people have a say and keep an eye on things. You can call other employment agencies, but you will not have a say there. At Z.O.N. you can take the wheel yourself. "

“It is also an advantage from a price point of view to work with a cooperative. Z.O.N. is less expensive than employment agencies. And if there is a profit, you can also communicate if you are a member. ”

“Of course you sometimes have a problem, but Z.O.N. price-wise has always remained well underway. And Z.O.N. still provides the people we need. That is worth a lot. "

"It just saves red tape."

Theo Vilier
Vilier Perennials

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“We have become a member of Z.O.N. because it is a cooperative founded by gardeners. We do it together with growers. That appeals to us more than working purely with an employment agency. And the financial advantage also speaks of course. That is why we have been choosing Z.O.N for 18 years. ”

“We need more people in winter than in summer. If you hire them yourself, it is all a bit more difficult with wages and so on. At Z.O.N. that's easy. You just tell Z.O.N.: "this employee has worked so many hours" and then he gets paid. It just saves administrative hassle. ”

“At other employment agencies it is sometimes a bit more vague: when do our employees receive the money, what about the papers? You sometimes see shady practices. But Z.O.N. is transparent. With them, the handling of the paperwork is clear. And employees experience confidence.”

“At Z.O.N. our employees have a contact person. They can ask questions to someone who speaks their own language. That's nice. Afterwards they say: "They delivered what we agreed."

“Housing is well organized.”

Joan & Nancy Wijnen
Wijnen Anthuriums

Read Joan and Nancy's experience with Z.O.N.

Joan: “25 years ago we had a company of 12,000 meters. I employed four people. They were all sick once on a Monday morning. From that moment on I decided to completely change course. Then I started working with Z.O.N. ”

Nancy: “If you have someone in the office, that person can easily handle the payroll. But we have a flat organization. We are jack of all trades. We think it is important to take care of things. That you have no work with it yourself. ”

Joan: “Housing is well organized. People are not in some dilapidated caravan somewhere. That never fits, but certainly no longer fits in these times. ”

Nancy: “That also applies to the bicycle that people get to get to work. People are satisfied. ”

Joan: “Sure there are sometimes litte problems. You don't want to play peek-a-boo to each other. But in general, problems are always solved well. I am satisfied with Z.O.N. Otherwise I would have been gone a long time ago.”